Aquatic Ballet Album Release

To Athena


Styling and stage design for the release concert of To Athena's debut album "Aquatic Ballet".

Set Design
Costume Design
Set Design
Costume Design


a combination of costume and stage design I did for To Athena’s debut album release concert in October of 2020 Neubad Luzern, a former swimming pool turned bar & event space, with a stage at the deepest point of the pool – a fitting venue for a record called “Aquatic Ballet”.

The idea: a dress that covers the stage & band gets pulled upwards and off the protagonist during the intro song, as the viewer dives into the inner world of To Athena, like you’re being pulled under the surface. The dress then becomes a projector screen for the visuals that accompany the music.

Made from Ikea curtains, an old hula hoop, a vintage (wedding?) dress, grommets and rope.


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Collaborators & Credits

Collaborators & Credits

To Athena performing "Nachtliecht" & "Wrong"


Video by Moritz Hossli
Live sound & recording by Sina Steiner
Mixed by Linus Gmünder

Tiffany Limacher, David Inauen, Mattia Ferrari, Gilles Schmid, Silvan Gerhard, Hannah Müller, Alexander Graf, Polina Niederhauser, Laura Bärlocher, Ines Amstad, Norina Bühlmann, Alina Hagmann, Elea Limacher, Dominique Trautweiler

Costume Design: Nina Britschgi
Visuals: Larissa Odermatt, Davina De'plazes, Tiffany Limacher

Filmed at Neubad Luzern

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