Evidently Exposed



Costumes for the music video to alpha-ray's single "Evidently Exposed".

Costume Design
Costume Design


Developed, sourced and crafted costumes for alpha-ray’s music video for “Evidently Exposed”, using dyed, thrifted bedding as fabric where possible.

themes: vulnerability, peeling back layers, intimacy, armor. Imagining a nature/druid sci-fi tribe in the Swiss countryside and taking inspiration from medieval armor padding, 19th century western womenswear, Thai fisherman clothing, Kate Bush and The Village (2004).

Three dancers needed to be outfitted. We went with lots of layers: nude shorts, sweatpants and bra tops (dancer’s own), wrap pants and turtlenecks, a corset and other, looser blouse-like garments that I drafted and sewed. The last layer consisted of a semi-sheer chiffon cocoon. Thrifted shoes were sprayed with red latex paint.

I wanted the clothes to look like a uniform, but also simple, almost primal in their construction. There are no zippers, only ties and (in the case of the corset) lacing. After construction all the garments were dyed a dark red, to contrast with the green Swiss landscape in which they’d be filmed.


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Collaborators & Credits

Collaborators & Credits

directing & concept by Larissa Odermatt

directorial assistance: Kathleen Moser

dancing & choreography: Yvonne Sieber, Mariel Barreto, Robin Waldburger

camera & color grading: Moritz Hossli

assistant camera & cut: Joe Berger

set assistant, driver & man of the hour: Roland Christen



Annina Mossoni (vox, synth)

Jaronas Höhener (trumpet, electronics, synth)

Jan Dintheer (git, bass, synth)

Flo Hufschmid (drums, percussion)

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