"Design a 15 look collection, of which 2 to 3 looks must be executed and presented within an installation, as part of an exhibition organised by the class. The executed looks must include a blouse, pants, coat/jacket, pair of shoes and accessories. A key visual must be incorporated into the installation. An individual invitation must be ready two weeks before the exhibit opens."

4th semester project (4 weeks)

May - June 2016

Invitation: homemade natural deodorant in mini tulle duffle bag


A lounge- and streetwear collection inspired by the dancer’s approach to clothing.
Comfortable and unconstricted, adjustable, feminine with the element of repetition and „not-quite-done“-ness of rehearsals made tangible through clothing.

There’s something about the dancer’s approach to clothing that I’d like to carry over into what I wear everyday. I’d like to be comfortable and unconstricted, I’d like to be able to adjust my outfit throughout the day, accounting for changes in temperature and how I’m feeling about my body. But at the same time, I’d like my clothes to have an element of surprise, something special and elegant that distinguishes them from usual „comfort clothing“.

My favorite look is during costume rehearsals: everyone has a full face of heavy make-up, their hair in a perfect bun full of hairspray, and then overlarge, run down and stretched out t-shirts, down jackets and sweatpants over their costumes to keep warm. There’s something very cool about this mix of traditional, stylized hyper-femininity and down-to-earth, worn out sportswear. It’s a good representation of ballet, as it is at once an art form (a traditional and rather conservative one) that looks effortlessly elegant from the outside, as well as an athletic sport where the body is a tool and dance wear its uniform.

Key Visual that was played on a loop, projected into the installation

garments, direction & cinematography: Nina Britschgi

improvisation by the dancers:

Linda Britschgi

Rachel Lawrence

Mercedes Maria Christina Go

handmade headpiece

15 looks

3 looks chosen for realization

© 2018 by Nina Britschgi


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