Nina Britschgi

Arch Earrings

$ 38.00 USD
These Memphis Milano inspired clip on, drop & dangle earrings are handmade from polymer clay and one of a kind. Pierced ears optional! Due to the synthetic nature of polymer clay, these earrings are incredibly light for their size and won't weigh down your earlobes.

Polymer clay is a durable synthetic material which remains slightly pliable in it’s finished state. Although the clay itself is waterproof, I recommend keeping the pieces away from water and humidity to avoid tarnishing the metal parts.

Keep out of heat and direct sunlight. Be careful not to drop, and store in a safe place to avoid scratches and chips.

To clean, use a soft, moist cloth or a toothbrush to remove dust or dirt from the surface. If staining occurs, use rubbing alcohol and a cotton pad to remove. Do not use strong chemicals.