"Design a 15 look collection and realize 2 full looks, that must include 2 blouse and pant variations, as well as accessories and one pair of shoes."

3rd semester project (3 weeks)

December 2015 - January 2016


The fiction of sending Salvador Dali to the Disco.
Disco influenced clothes for dancing and shining with trippy details straight out of a surreal painting.

That summer (2015) I listened to a lot of disco music, and I really wanted to design a collection to go dancing in. I never experienced the real disco era, but I love to dance to disco music, and the only reason I ever go out on the weekend, is if there's good music to dance to! A scene in the film "Ex Machina" (2015) sparked my obsession:

The funk, surrealism, sexiness and creepiness mixed together is what really inspired me. To me, surreal art mixes those things as well - creepy, beautiful, erotic, strange - and has been something I've felt moved by. And so I came up with the idea of sending Salvador Dali to the Disco and looking at the spectacle through his eyes.

hair & make-up research

We had to design a 15 look collection, and execute two blouse variations and two pant variations.
I designed by drawing the garments seperately, scanning them, and using photoshop to dress the croquis in as many combinations as possible. Then I choose the best options, edited them down to make sure every garment only appeared once, and drew more garments to fill the "holes" in the collection. I arrived at this:

From these 15 Looks I choose the second to last, the green jacket (but switched up the front opening to a split placket), and the 5th look (to wear under the jacket).

2 looks chosen for realization


I used rope and zigzagged it together at certain points to make it form a sort of squiggly net, with loops at the front to put laces through. I got the original shoes from asos (the dark ones in the first image) and covered it in a sparkly, stretchy fabric. To do this I used painters tape (the pink stuff in the second image) to cover the area of the shoe I needed to cover, made a pattern from that, used a hairdryer to warm up the sole and slowly remove it from the shoe using a screwdriver, glued the fabric onto the shoe around the edges, stretching and folding it over, and then glued the sole back on.
I used a leather sewing machine to attach the first two rows of rope to the shoe, because it needed to be attached really well. Then for the first few rope ornaments around the edge of the shoe, I sewed by hand, and once I got far enough to somehow lay the rope under the zig zag machine, that's what I used to sew the ropes together in certain places. I always held the shoes together to copy the ornaments, so they'd be as symmetrical as possible. Below my mother is modelling them:

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