Swiss-American freelance fashion and costume designer, graduate of the Institute of Fashion Design, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW). Based in New York City.

I consider myself an independent petite womenswear designer, and draft my patterns and garments for shorter than average women. That being said, I wish for my clothes to be worn by anyone who would like to, regardless of height or gender.

Curriculum Vitae


"Fashion is Fiction" is my approach to fashion. As a culture we consume fiction in the form of books, movies and other media, but I believe through fashion we have the chance to participate in them in our everyday lives.

That’s why each collection is modeled on a narrative or scenario, enabling the wearer to channel a fictitious version of themselves through their outfit.

Ever seen a movie and felt inspired to model your personal style on one of the characters?
Would you rather have a range of styles in your wardrobe instead of only one signature look, so you can change your outfit to fit your mood or the situation?
Do you take a “choose your fighter” approach to selecting your outfits?
Then “fashion is fiction” might be true for you!